Why Build a Dome?

Building a technically advanced, state of the art, unconventional home is a major, but rewarding undertaking. Over the years I have studied many different kinds of alternative housing: tamped earth, straw bales, adobe, monolithic concrete domes, earth bermed shelters, and wooden geodesic domes.

Eventually I came across the thin shelled, reinforced concrete, foam insulated and wall board clad geodesic dome home kit, offered and manufactured by American Ingenuity, Inc. Their design made a lot of sense to me from an engineering and technology standpoint.

American Ingenuity, in 1979, began developing and engineering designs for a practical, energy efficient and affordable solution to the 21st century's concerns of ever increasing energy- and building materials costs. Today, the company manufactures and markets an award winning dome kit that truly has no comparison. it utilizes a system of unique building component panels made from a combination of steel reinforced concrete laminated to a thick expanded Polystyrene foam, clad with wall board. Only state of the art computerized design methods, manufacturing materials and manufacturing techniques are used to assure exacting standards and consistent quality.